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Sensory Jewellery,

Sensational Design

Fidget cubes and fidget spinners seem to be everywhere these days, but while these sensory tools are great for kids, they aren't appropriate for every environment and situation a sensory-seeking adult might face.


When a friend referred to her Iron Lace Design necklace as her "security blanket," and another confessed she liked to fidget with hers to relieve anxiety, Kyra realized that her chainmail jewellery could be an ideal—and beautiful—way to provide calming sensory feedback for adults with ADHD, ASD, or SPD. ​Her first fidget rosary was commissioned by a client as a Confirmation gift for a teen with ADHD, and orders for fidget necklaces, sensory rosaries, and pocket fidgets continue to roll in from customers in search of beautiful, discreet, satisfying sensory jewellery. 

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